How to Change Your Skin Care Routine for Summer verses Winter

Each season brings changes throughout our lives. It is therefore essential to deal with these external changes in all weathers. And to keep your skin glowing in the summer and winter, the transition requires a change in your skin care routine. The facial care your skin needs in winter is different from the one it needs in summer. Today we will discuss why you need to change your skin care routine depending on the current season and how to.

The level of humidity in the air has a direct effect on your skin

In winter, everyone should apply a moisturizer. The air is cold and dry, stripping your skin of its natural moisture and making your skin dry, therefore You need a moisturizing cream that also has nourishing properties, oil based moisturizers are best suited for this season. As summer approaches and the signs of temperature change show up, the weather becomes humid and our skin is exposed. Your skin tissue needs more than the moisturizer it received in winter. To complete your skin care routine at the end of winter, it is recommended to apply a daily sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. In addition to that, our summer moisturizer need to be richer in water than in oil for maximum hydration. The application is done every morning. In the evening, remove your makeup and go to bed without creams. The skin of the face will be able to breathe better and will be more receptive to the hydration of the following day.

Exfoliation frequency

In the winter, our skin faces the harsh cool weather therefore, it becomes flaky and dry. While dry skin cells naturally fall off, some cells remain on the skin and clog pores. Summer is the perfect time to adjust a new exfoliation plan for your skin. A little exfoliation removes dead skin cells, refreshes the skin and makes it smoother. Plus, it makes your skin more even and glowing. Unlike winter, you can exfoliate your skin more often in the summer season, but don’t overdo it and risk damaging your skin instead.

Change your cleanser

Summer is the time to lighten up on the type of facial cleanser in your daily skin care routine. While winter is great for creamy cleansers and rich oily creams, the hot days of summer require a light, pH-balanced, gentle cleanser. A gentle and light cleanser helps remove the extra oils your skin develops in the hot summer weather. This way, you can survive the hot weather and your skin will be shiny and healthy, without stripping it from it essential oils.

Regardless of the season, it is always advisable to drink a lot of water, to keep your skin hydrated. A good hydration also facilitates the skin cell renewal and helps to better support the changes. Take good care of your skin, and understand it.  A way to listen to the changes in your skin is to anticipate the changes of the new seasons and adapt your daily skin care routine to it.